Skye reaches orgasm with baseball bat

September 15th, 2015

We like sluts and we like ’em hardcore. Will She Explode brings you this photo collection of the sleazy Skye who likes stripping down to her fishnet stockings and fucking her snatch with her toys. She got bored of dildoes, which she says is too small for her taste and that she’s always on the lookout for upgrades, which meant something bigger and wilder.

Although she still uses her different sizes and lengths of dildoes, for emergency purposes, she would still prefer something different that will surely make people’s mouths drop. She wanted to try various stuff when playing with her cunt and in these pics you’ll see her fucking her hole with a friggin’ baseball bat. That’s end up as some kind of a catnip for any man who’ll use that when playing in the field. You know, pussy juice scent has a way of sticking on surfaces where it’s rubbed or spilled and I won’t mind getting high at the smell but would probably lose my concentration when hitting the balls.

Watch her stuff that thing inside her wet snatch and push it all the way inside like she’s grabbing some guy’s head as he eats her. If she likes fucking her cunt with something as big as this, you’d need to have a huge boner to please this skank. She gets so wild on cam that she screams loud when she cums hard and it’ll be a load of pussy juice all over. View the full photo gallery of Skye here and check back here at to see more horny sluts pussy-playing and dripping cum between their legs.

Big Boobed Jacky Joy Sits And Pumps On Her Mammoth Sized Sextoy

November 15th, 2012


It’s time for another raunchy solo masturbations that ends with a real hot and wild cum explosions here at Will She Explode! And for todays episode, we feature one kinky and busty blond gal named Jacky Joy. Jacky likes to play with herself and she’s not at all shy about showing it off. Check her out in these flaming sample flicks and get delighted with her stunning charm and precious physique as she enjoys one passionate solo masturbation using her really huge dildo!


Well, in these teaser vids Jacky is so bored coz she’s all alone in her pad, that’s when she finds herself itching for one hot ram to ease her cravings. And her solution to that is simply MASTURBATION! View her so damn hot as she gets naked and pull out one mammoth sized dildo over her couch! She is messing with her pussy like a young virgin again, although maybe that big bright red sextoy isn’t so virginal after all.


You’ll definitely love the sight of how she sits on her gigauntar sextoy and pumps on it deep her moist clit real hard and rough! To see more of her wild and raunchy masturbation, drop by at Will She Explode today!

Sexy And Kinky Tyla Wynn Masturbating Her Pussy And Cums

November 8th, 2012


Tyla Wynn is a hot and sexy blonde babe armed with awesome body and a dazzling flair perfectly right for your hungry appetite! She really got what it takes with her oozing charm and flair. Catch her in these scorching hot photo updates from Will She Explode and see for yourself how delicious she really is!


After doing some of her household chores, she decides on releasing stress and opted to relax by treating her twat to a few minutes of heaven. This chick got her ever reliable dildo and shoved it inside her pussy, not giving a damn as to who may hear her moan from the other room. Well, in this photo gallery, it seems like she’s being carefree coz she’s all alone in their home and she’s free as a bird, to do anything naughty without getting caught. Isn’t that kind of retarded? I mean, she’s scared to get caught but this sets of images find its way here in this archive. Now she’d die wondering how the hell that happened. But if I were her, I wouldn’t want to die just yet since she makes majority of the people in this planet happy by just sharing her naughty side, which she gets to enjoy too, eh? So that makes both parties happy and very much satisfied.


This babe isn’t just fun to watch while she fucks her pussy. Look at her huge pair of knockers bounce like big water balloons that are ready to pop any minute. As for us who got stiff dicks right at this moment, I bet this is what’s going to pop up and this is the thing that we got to hold on to while it prepares itself for a messy explosion. Clicking on Will She Explode isn’t not just about seeing these bitches do something really kinky to themselves, but, as you can see now, you and I are actually typing single-handedly while the other hand’s busy tending to a very hard cock. It goes to show that it’s not just the bitches who get to feel good in the videos we watch coz we have fun and cum with them too. Watch the photo collection here and enjoy the other self-pleasing sluts who awaits your full attention.

Melissa Fisting, Pounding And Stretching Her Pussy To It’s Limit With Her Gigantic Black Dildo

November 1st, 2012

Melissa drools her twat with a giant black dildo

I guess Melissa thought that sextoys were just like the guys she fucked, because she found two huge black toys, and like every girl knows, once you go black, you never go back! She’s right about these two monster dildos this time, because once she tried them out, they stretched her twat to its limit and there was no going back for her. She’s probably got to have her pussy rest itself for a week after she was through with this session!

Melissa pounding her cunt with her hands

Melissa was shocked at the toys she got, but when she started stuffing her twat with one of them, her playfulness abruptly ended. It was just so huge, and she couldn’t figure out a way to stuff the entire thing in her cunny! She eventually got it partway in, and that was enough for her. Pounding herself with a huge vibrator like that really got her wet enough to start on the other fucktoy, and it started feeling real good… But still the entire session had her walking funny afterwards with the kind of reaming her beaver just had!

Melissa stretches her pussy to it's limit

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Nika Noir’s Hardcore Masturbation Session With Her Gargantuan Dildo

October 25th, 2012

Nika Noir fucks her wet cunt with gigantic dildo

Sexy slut Nika Noir doesn’t get off with just any dildo–nothing satisfies her more than stretching her tight pussy with huge dildos. And today, she tries to masturbate her pussy with different types of overszed dildos; fucktoys that are larger than any dildo she’s ever tried before!

Nika Noir glides a red gargantuan dildo deep her wet pussy

Nika examines the dildos that her pussy will be taking on: a red ginormous sextoy, a flesh colored rubber schlong the size of an arm, and a baseball bat! She slowly slides the each of the dildos up her tight, pink pussy, screaming in pain at first, but then gets so turned on as the huge dildos slide in and out her twat.

Nika Noir stuffs a huge dildo inside her gaping snatch

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Nasty Eva Karera Rips Her Pussy And Ass With An Epic Dildo

October 18th, 2012

Eva Karera goes anal on slimy dildo

Hard blasting pussy ripping and cunt gushing explosion! That’s what burning hot porn girl Eva Karera is offering us for this week’s edition of Will She Explode! Yes, Eva Karera did indeed made her pussy explode to the max and she only needed one thing to make it happen! Her favorite fantastic ebony dildo! Check out these scorching hot pictures of the booby porno vixen as this brunette strips, pose and then have her vagina ripped with the monster toy!

Eva Karera showing her busty jugs and sexy body

If you think her vagina stretching antics is extreme, the sultry and extra passionate Eva Karera will make you gasp once again as the booby brunette slid that thick toy penis in her gaping corn hole! Yep, from ripping her bald vagina to totally wrecking her tight little bung! The mixture of pain and pleasure is plastered on this big busted slut’s face as she impales her own anal hole with the mammoth cock!

Nasty Eva Karera spreads her legs wide

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Clara St. Cyr Makes Her Pussy Explode With A Monster Rubber Dong

October 11th, 2012

clara st cyr jamming a big fat dildo in her tiny pussy

Will She Explode brings you one of the most explosive dildo stuffing scene ever! It stars Clara St. Cyr, a brunette hottie who seems like your typical cutie-next-door… she is but way sexier. Because instead of having typical hobbies like chicks her age have, this hot slut has a thing for big fat adult toys shoving in her tight muffin! Yep, the hot hottie wants nothing but thick sex toys, massive rubber dicks, lengthy dildos, pussy ripping vibrators and ass stretching butt plugs to play with all day long!

clara st cyr sliding her tight twat down a big fat dildo

Be amazed on what this gorgeous slut can do with a large dark-brown rubber dildo! Here see how she used that monaster fuck toy to stuff her tight crotch! She’s really stuffing her pussy full of that rubber dong and you can feel her emotion by just watching at these burning hot clips! Lesser girls would have fainted with that monstrous rubber cock splitting their pussy lips, but this babe is handling that foot long monster dildo like a pro! If you are amazed on her dildo filling antics, wait until you see this slut hit climax. This babe can squirt like a geyser!

clara st cyr squirting hard after filling up her tiny pussy

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Skye Hammers Her Gaping Twat With A Baseball Bat

October 4th, 2012

Skye stuffs her twat with baseball bat

Are you ready to see one nasty nympho shoving her pussy with a real huge dildo? Well if you’re not, then start preparing your cocks out and wait for Skye to take the first inch of her baseball bat up her wet and gaping twat!This is really one such huge sextoy action that i’m sure will turn us on! And if you’re a little bit curious and excited about it then check it out inside Will She Explode!

Skye masturbates her gaping poon with black baseball bat

Skye is definitely a cockslut who’s seen it all, but she probably hasn’t felt a fucktoy as huge as the one she has go up her twat yet. And so she slowly eases it in, but it’s so ginormous she can only manage a few inches of it entering her slit before she gasps in wonder. You can bet that her experienced twat has never felt so filled up before, and it’s obviously such a new experience that she starts pumping the huge baseball bat in and out as slowly, before picking up the speed and going as quickly as possible.

Skye fucks her twat with baseball bat

I don’t think I’ve seen a giant fucktoy fucked as hard as she fucked this toy! That’s what you get with a used-up old pussy like hers. You get a vagina that’s so used to being pounded that even this huge toy goes in and out with relative ease!

Catherine De Sade Loosens Her Ass With A Dildo

January 10th, 2011

hot catherine de sade dildo

If you’re a fan of kinky sluts who love getting their asses fucked, then you’re in for a sweet treat! We have here one hot babe Catherine De Sade, who isn’t only sexy and busty, she’s also hardcore when it comes to sex, getting off only when pleasure is mixed with pain. Catherine is one girl who loves to be fucked in the ass, and today she did just that by using not just any dildo, but a fucking big one!

hot catherine de sade fucktoy

Being the kinky slut that she is, Catherine stuffs the massive fucktoy up her asshole, getting the head part first inside, then sitting on it for a better thrust. Catherine moans not only in pleasure but also in pain. Well, of course, her ass got ripped by that huge thing!

hot catherine de sade sextoy

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Angela Attison Rips Her Pussy With Gigantic Dildos!

January 3rd, 2011

angela attison dildo

Now we all know that Angela Attison is a sexy blonde chick and she’s probably got guys lined up just to take a bang at her.  But what about those times when she’s all alone with no man around?  What’s a girl to do?  Well, here we have pics showing Angela’s solution to those dilemmas.  She simply fucks herself with monster-sized dildos!
Angela Attison looks so hot that we forgot that she even remembers how to play with her pussy, a pastime more suitable for uglier chicks.  But here she is messing with her pussy like a young virgin again, although maybe those massive dildos aren’t so virginal after all.  But the point is, Angela likes to play with herself and she’s not at all shy about showing it off in front of others.
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Now we all know that Angela Attison is a hot blonde chick and she’s probably got guys lined up just to take a bang at her.  But what about those times when she’s all alone with no man around? What’s a girl to do?  Well, here we have photos showing Angela’s solution to her dilemma.  She simply fucks herself with monster-sized dildos!

angela attison fucktoy

Angela Attison looks so hot that we forgot that she even remembers how to play with her vagina, a pastime more suitable for uglier chicks.  But here she is messing with her pussy like a young virgin again, although maybe those big fucktoys aren’t so virginal after all.  But the point is, Angela likes to play with herself and she’s not at all shy about showing it off in front of others.

angela attison sextoy

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