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Lucky Benton Gets Lucky With A Huge Dildo

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

If you’ve liked to see a cockslut get her pussy distended by a huge dildo, then you’ve come to the right place!  Lucky Benton thinks that she’s a huge skank and that she shouldn’t have any trouble taking on a monster sex toy like the one she’s been given here, but she’s going to find out that she’s wrong!

Lucky Benton licking a huge dildo

She even lovingly licks the first of the dildos she’s been given, and I guess that’s where she finds out that it’s a mistake, because she can’t even get the entire dildo in her mouth, like she easily does all of the schlongs she’s had through the years.  But that doesn’t deter her.  She puts it in her pussy and soon she’s finding out just how big it is as it stretches her twat to its limit.

Lucky Benton riding a monster cocktoy

But her nasty masturbation session doesn’t end there, because there’s another gigantic dildo she wants to try out, and she even puts it down on the floor so she can ride it like all the cocks she’s had before.  It goes down a bit easier this time, with her twat stretched by the toy that came before, and she rides it happily until she’s on the verge of cumming.  Then to finish herself of, she fists herself to orgasm!

Lucky Benton fisting her pussy hard

I guess in the end, she could take the humongous sex toys that were thrown at her after all!  But nothing feels like an organic fuck, like her hand.  She’s still a slut, no matter how you put it, and you can see her in action on Will She Explode!

Armani St. James ripping her pussy

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Armani St. James masturbating

If you’re a fan of busty blonde ho who likes it dirty, then you’re in for a sweet treat today from Will She Explode. Because who we have today isn’t just any blonde babe, it’s smoking hot Armani St. James who has a crazy drive for sex–she’s up for anything and everything just to get an orgasm. Yeah, she’s willing to get her bald pussy ripped apart just to get a excellent fucking!

Armani St. James masturbating

Just take a look at this hottie’s succulent, pink pussy–just the type that you’d want to lick over and over again, right? Well, she knows that, and now she wants to arouse us by fingering her sweet pussy. Watch just how her pussy expands as she inserts not two, but four of her fingers as she masturbates. What a sweet treat!

Armani St. James masturbating

Now enough of the teasing, we’ve got Armani St. James masturbation session in video and you can watch the entire thing right here!

Crista Moore fucking herself with huge dildos

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Crista Moore masturbating

Crista Moore is one blonde cutie who loves masturbating and uses extreme sex toys to satisfy her craving. Today, she isn’t just satisfied with just one dildo, but fucks herself with two huge dildos! Crista’s tight twat got ripped by these huge things, but she enjoyed herself anyway!

Crista Moore masturbating

First, she grabbed a big, black dildo and drilled her pink pussy with it. Crista thrusted the dildo in and out until her pussy began dripping with cunt juice as she orgasms. You think it’s already over? Then, you’re wrong! Because Crista once again fucks herself with another big dildo, this time a pink one, and cums all over again.

Crista Moore masturbating

Watch the way Crista fucked herself right here!