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Moxie Maddron Rips Her Pussy With A Huge Sextoy

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Moxie Maddron licking the head of a giant dildo

If you think that Moxie Maddron‘s cunt can take the kind of abuse she gives herself here, you’re both right and wrong.  Because this slut really gives her juicy slit a reaming that leaves her tired and exhausted and in need of some recovery!  Now that’s what a real twat-whacking leaves even an experienced slut like Moxie…

Moxie Maddron fucking her pussy with a monster sextoy

She should’ve learned she couldn’t take it just from the size of the sextoy she was given, with a length that was almost as long as her arm!  But no, she just found herself turned on by the thing and started licking it’s head immediately.  Now if that were a real dick, it probably would’ve cum immediately, but being a dildo, it was still as hard as ever when she started fucking her pussy with it.  The moans she gave were part pleasure and part pain as she started reaming her twat with that toy and bending it just to give it the right angle to enter her lovehole with the minimum length possible.

Moxie Maddron rubbing her pussy while sucking on a dildo

Isn’t that cheating Moxie?  Well, you can’t blame her for being scared of the monster cocktoy she had to fuck!  Later she switched to a smaller toy, but her pussy was already distended by then and all she could do was suck on it while she tried to massage some feeling into her tired cunt!  Now that’s what I call extreme pussy fucking, and you can see even more of Moxie Maddron’s session over on Will She Explode.

Melissa Cums While Fucking Herself With Giant Dildos

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Melissa playing around with a huge dildo

I guess Melissa thought that sextoys were just like the guys she fucked, because she found two huge black toys, and like every girl knows, once you go black, you never go back!  She’s right about these two monster dildos this time, because once she tried them out, they stretched her cunt to its limit and there was no going back for her.  She’s probably got to have her pussy rest itself for a week after she was through with this session!

Melissa stuffing a ginormous vibrator in her pussy

Melissa was shocked at the toys she got, but when she started stuffing her twat with one of them, her playfulness abruptly ended.  It was just so massive, and she couldn’t figure out a way to stuff the entire thing in her cunny!  She eventually got it partway in, and that was enough for her.  Fucking herself with a huge vibrator like that really got her wet enough to start on the other fucktoy, and it started feeling real good…  But still the entire session had her walking funny afterwards with the kind of reaming her beaver just had!

Melissa fucking her twat with a giant dildo

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