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Heidi Mayne’s Extreme Dildo-Fucking Episode

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

Heidi Mayne holding two giant dildos in her hands

The first dildo that Heidi Mayne tries out is almost arm-length and flesh colored.  It’s also realistically bilt to include all the ridges and veins a real dick must have, except of course for the size of the thing.  If there was ever a cock as big as that, it’s gotta belong to a horse or some kind of animal!  And that turns Heidi on!   I mean where else can she find the kind of pleasure such a massive thing can give her, except in ginormous dildos?  So Heidi maximizes the pleasure of masturbating with these huge cock replicas and stuffs it deep in her oozing cooze, getting it wet with her juices.

Heidi Mayne riding a giant dildo

The next monster dildo that this hottie gets is a wide, dark fucktoy that she fucks with her legs wide open and up in the air!  That’s how Heidi likes to handle all the big things that she has to stuff in her cunny, and that’s a great strategy, getting her pussy as wide as possible just so she can slide the entire length of it inside her.  Well, maybe not the entire length, because these things are just to big for even a kinky bitch like Heidi to fuck all the way!

Heidi Mayne stuffing a monster dildo up her pussy

Heidi Mayne sucking on her giant fucktoy

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