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Nikki Northern Stuff Her Pussy With Ginormous Sex Toys

Monday, October 25th, 2010
nikki northern dildo
Nikki Northern is one motherfucking hot slut. But what really makes Nikki Northern sizzling hot is her audacity to show us pictures of her masturbating with really big sex toys. Oh yes, raunchy pics of Nikki Northern  sucking and fucking these ginormous sex toys! These pictures are hot!

nikki northern sextoy

At first Nikki tries out a big pink dildo, but she decided it wasn’t big enough, it wasn’t stretching her twat wide enough for her liking. So she goes for this red badass humongous fucktoy! Of course we instantly get hard-ons when we see Nikki’s vagina stretched to its limits by these gargantuan dildos.

nikki northern fucktoy
Nikki Northern is really one hot promiscuous tart and we like her that way! God knows we need a sexy hussy once in a while! Check out the rest of Nikki’s smoking hot pics at Will She Explode.