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Crista Moore’s Pussy Gets A Workout From A Massive Sextoy

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Crista Moore lubricating a giant dildo with spit

When you think about a pornstar who’s got everything you could even want in a fuck buddy, Crista Moore probably comes to mind.  I mean she’s blonde, tanned and stacked!  What more could you ask for from a ho?  Well, you might have to rethink that fantasy after you’ve seen this session, because that dream now includes a pussy that’s so beat up and loose after being reamed by a huuuuge sextoy!

Crista Moore riding a massive fucktoy

Yes, this cockwhore decided to try out fucking a giant dildo and even she was left aching and sore by the experience.  Even Crista was left wide-eyed at the sight of such a massive fucktoy that she started out by trying to suck on the thing, just so it would get lubricated enough to fit in her poontang.  But no, it was still a tight fit, and Crista had to strain to have the huge dildo enter her pussy.  But once it did, Crista felt like she was in familiar territory again, with a snug pussy filled up to brim with good feelings.

Crista Moore in extreme masturbation action with giant dildo

Then she tried out her second dildo with an even wider girth and she was shocked again that anyone would make a fucktoy so huge!  So now Crista’s got a saggy twat you can drive a truck through, and you’re left without a sexual fantasy.  That’s unless you like the sort of action, we have here on Will She Explode, which means you’re in luck because you can sign up and see Crista Moore in action, plus a whole slew of other sluts!

Crista Moore fucking herself with huge dildos

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Crista Moore masturbating

Crista Moore is one blonde cutie who loves masturbating and uses extreme sex toys to satisfy her craving. Today, she isn’t just satisfied with just one dildo, but fucks herself with two huge dildos! Crista’s tight twat got ripped by these huge things, but she enjoyed herself anyway!

Crista Moore masturbating

First, she grabbed a big, black dildo and drilled her pink pussy with it. Crista thrusted the dildo in and out until her pussy began dripping with cunt juice as she orgasms. You think it’s already over? Then, you’re wrong! Because Crista once again fucks herself with another big dildo, this time a pink one, and cums all over again.

Crista Moore masturbating

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