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Sexy And Kinky Tyla Wynn Masturbating Her Pussy And Cums

Thursday, November 8th, 2012


Tyla Wynn is a hot and sexy blonde babe armed with awesome body and a dazzling flair perfectly right for your hungry appetite! She really got what it takes with her oozing charm and flair. Catch her in these scorching hot photo updates from Will She Explode and see for yourself how delicious she really is!


After doing some of her household chores, she decides on releasing stress and opted to relax by treating her twat to a few minutes of heaven. This chick got her ever reliable dildo and shoved it inside her pussy, not giving a damn as to who may hear her moan from the other room. Well, in this photo gallery, it seems like she’s being carefree coz she’s all alone in their home and she’s free as a bird, to do anything naughty without getting caught. Isn’t that kind of retarded? I mean, she’s scared to get caught but this sets of images find its way here in this archive. Now she’d die wondering how the hell that happened. But if I were her, I wouldn’t want to die just yet since she makes majority of the people in this planet happy by just sharing her naughty side, which she gets to enjoy too, eh? So that makes both parties happy and very much satisfied.


This babe isn’t just fun to watch while she fucks her pussy. Look at her huge pair of knockers bounce like big water balloons that are ready to pop any minute. As for us who got stiff dicks right at this moment, I bet this is what’s going to pop up and this is the thing that we got to hold on to while it prepares itself for a messy explosion. Clicking on Will She Explode isn’t not just about seeing these bitches do something really kinky to themselves, but, as you can see now, you and I are actually typing single-handedly while the other hand’s busy tending to a very hard cock. It goes to show that it’s not just the bitches who get to feel good in the videos we watch coz we have fun and cum with them too. Watch the photo collection here and enjoy the other self-pleasing sluts who awaits your full attention.

Tyla Wynn Wants Her Pussy Fucked Good

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Tyla Wynn trying to stuff a giant vibrator in her mouth

“Yes, fuck my fucking pussy!”  That’s what this huge cockslut started shouting when she started masturbating herself with these huge sextoys.  She must really want her poontang filled real good, because she was very vocal about the fucking she was giving herself.  But in the end, you could see some tears mixed in with her smiles, so the monster dildos she took up her hole must’ve hurt a bit.  But for her it must’ve her so good…

Tyla Wynn with a giagantic vibrator stuffed in her pussy

She starts with a huge black vibrator that she tried to fit into her mouth, but due to its sheer size, there’s no way that could happen.  And so she tries to stuff it into her vagina!  This gigantic toy was just so wide and thick that only its head could fit into her poontang, but still she fucked herself crazy with it.

Tyla Wynn masturbating with a giant dildo

That must’ve made her next toy easier to take though, as she was able to stuff her twat a bit deeper with her next dildo, though it was only a bit smaller in girth than her first one.  Her pussy must’ve been begging for mercy at this time, but for her it just translated into even more pleasure!  Tyla Wynn sure is a real trouper when it comes to abusing her pussy, because the more abuse she gives herself, the more pleasure she feels!  You’re so dirty Tyla, and we applaud you here on Will She Explode.  Now give your twat a rest and come back for even hotter fuck sessions next time…

Tyla's distended pussy with her fingers in it