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Skye Hammers Her Gaping Twat With A Baseball Bat

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Skye stuffs her twat with baseball bat

Are you ready to see one nasty nympho shoving her pussy with a real huge dildo? Well if you’re not, then start preparing your cocks out and wait for Skye to take the first inch of her baseball bat up her wet and gaping twat!This is really one such huge sextoy action that i’m sure will turn us on! And if you’re a little bit curious and excited about it then check it out inside Will She Explode!

Skye masturbates her gaping poon with black baseball bat

Skye is definitely a cockslut who’s seen it all, but she probably hasn’t felt a fucktoy as huge as the one she has go up her twat yet. And so she slowly eases it in, but it’s so ginormous she can only manage a few inches of it entering her slit before she gasps in wonder. You can bet that her experienced twat has never felt so filled up before, and it’s obviously such a new experience that she starts pumping the huge baseball bat in and out as slowly, before picking up the speed and going as quickly as possible.

Skye fucks her twat with baseball bat

I don’t think I’ve seen a giant fucktoy fucked as hard as she fucked this toy! That’s what you get with a used-up old pussy like hers. You get a vagina that’s so used to being pounded that even this huge toy goes in and out with relative ease!

Allison Pierce masturbating with a baseball bat

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Allison Pierce masturbating with a baseball bat

Planning to jerk off to hot sluts masturbating their hugry cunts¬†with just about anything? Then you’re on the right site. Here on Will She Explode we feature lots of hot, kinky whores who are just willing to stuff anything inside their pussies just to get get their daily orgasm fix! And you’re in for a treat today as we have here a cute blonde slut who has a thing for baseball bats. Here’s Allison Pierce.

Allison Pierce masturbating with a baseball bat

Well, let’s gor straight to the action. Allison’s one horny slut, and she isn’t satisfied with just fingering herself or stuffing her vagina¬†with just a normal vibrator or dildo. This chick wants something big to fill her up. What do you know, she found a baseball bat inside her room, and in no time, she’s fucking herself with a freaking giant bat. Now, that’s hardcore!

Allison Pierce masturbating with a baseball bat

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